Farní charita Česká Lípa is an independent legal body established along with the principles of Canonic Law Codex and so is a part of Roman Catholic Church. It was founded by Litomerice Diocese Bishop on 1 March 1999; carrying own legal responsibilities. The organisation is a member of Czech Republic Caritas and the International Caritas. The organisation is managed by the director with advisory boards.

The aim of the organisation is to help those in need regardless of their faith, race or nationality. The organisation mainly engages in activities providing help for socially and physically disadvanted people and for minorities. The scope of activities includes: providing shelter for domestic violence victims, shelter for families in need, operating a social vehicle transporting disabled children, operating children and youth club for minorities, clothes shop for people in need, foster families care centre, social farm, social enterprise for disabled people, volunteer centre, non-formal educational activities. Currently, there are over 50 people employed, more than a half disabled or somehow disadvanted.

Currently, we are undergoing a proces of accreditation for EVS (European Voluntary Service). We hope to start the activities in summer 2015.

Our organisation participates in the Erasmus+ programme, namely European voluntary service (EVS).

We are prepared to send volunteers abroad as well as accept them in our organisation.

At the moment we are seeking four volunteers from the EU countries. The volunteers would arrive in August 2015 and leave in July 2016.They would participate especially in free time activities including sport activities with children and youth. Volunteers can gain experience in the field of free time activites provided for socially disadvantaged children, in non-formal educational activities, in organising cultural events, workshops, non-formal language teaching, sport activities (karate, floorball, gym). Further the volunteers can learn media work and public relations. Volunteers can further participate in organising musical events and theatre plays. As our organisation provides services to many different people and coopearates with many other subjects we can offer a wide range of activities to our volunteers to best fit their needs.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us on medwell@fchcl.cz or directly call Mrs. Gabriela Medwell +0042 778 062 204.

We are looking forward to hearing from you !

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